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25 / female / United States

I'm a huge fan of pewds most of you know him from youtube and that's what brought me here I don't trust alot of people so don't get the wrong impression if i shy away from you .Other than that I'm into anime and watch a lot of vampire hunter D,devil may cry,***sing, and am a beautician and love to do hair


Gaming fashion drawing wirting and anime

Favorite Video Games

Silent Hill fatal frame devil may cry Blood Borne tekken mortal kombat final fantasy 7 and 15 and horror games =D

Favorite Music

I love rock,metal,90's hip hop r

Favorite Movies

Silent Hill The shining selena little nicky underworld the crow Van helsing sleepy hollow sweeney todd

Fav. Tv Shows

Death Note Devil may cry ***sing naruto bleach,

Favorite Books

i don't read much unless it's a stephen king novel

Favorite Quote

"It can't rain all the time"

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