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17 / female / Neverland

Herro Evilunicorns


Youtube, Drawing, watching series and anime/cartoons also i love archery and some of mah favorite books or Writting fanfiction with some of my friends or just hangout. Oh and Scary/spooky paranormal stuff hehe

Favorite Video Games

All legend of Zelda, Amnesia. slender, south park the stich of truth, GTA

Favorite Music

i like almost all kind of music Most nightcore verions

Favorite Movies

ALL scary ones and Harry Potter

Fav. Tv Shows

a lot of anime. That's 70's show, Family guy, Scrubs, Big Bang theory, Two and a half men, Adventure Time and i can keep on going for a while so i stop at that x3

Favorite Books

All Divergents and The Emerald Atlas

Favorite Quote

Haters Gunna Hate >:3 live is hard and then u die SO MAKE THE BEST OF IT :3 Now i have some fire in mah belly >:3 I'm All Fired Up Now >:3 She Lovees u <3 I'm afraid when something is truly lost one can never get it back again... I'm simply one *** of a butler... Life is a game for those who know how to play it... I'm not Lazy i'm just conserving energy... there are two types of people in thi

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