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Herro EvilunicornsBow before my awesomeness mwahahaha ok now to the point. there is not much to tell you tho. I'm born on August 18 1998 (starsign Leo Rawr :q ) Most thing I enjoy you can see down below. Things about myself... I'm awesome hehe.. but no seriously I'm creative, artistic, I'm always really interested in the abnormal/paranormal even tho I am a skeptic about most things. I love Cosplaying (RP ain't much my thing even tho it can be funny). I love sitting in a blanket playing games, chatting with friends or reading a book (writing my own). I love to draw but haven't found the time to do so. I love listening to music when doing most of the thing I just said or skyping with my friends in the meantime. I'm not so much of an extrovert most of the time I will me more active when around friends. Disco's aren't my thing, but gathering with a small group of friends is great. I like archery and just being inside searching through youtube and watching tons of series Alone or with my fr

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