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Herro EvilunicornsBow before my awesomeness mwahahaha ok now to the point. there is not much to tell you tho. I'm born on August 18 1998 (starsign Leo Rawr :q ) Most thing I enjoy you can see down below. Things about myself... I'm awesome hehe.. but no seriously I'm creative, artistic, I'm always really interested in the abnormal/paranormal even tho I am a skeptic about most things. I love Cosplaying (RP ain't much my thing even tho it can be funny). I love sitting in a blanket playing games, chatting with friends or reading a book (writing my own). I love to draw but haven't found the time to do so. I love listening to music when doing most of the thing I just said or skyping with my friends in the meantime. I'm not so much of an extrovert most of the time I will me more active when around friends. Disco's aren't my thing, but gathering with a small group of friends is great. I like archery and just being inside searching through youtube and watching tons of series Alone or with my fr


Youtube, Drawing, watching series and anime/cartoons also i love archery and some of mah favorite books or Writting fanfiction with some of my friends or just hangout. Oh and Scary/spooky paranormal stuff hehe

Favorite Video Games

All legend of Zelda, Amnesia. slender, south park the stich of truth, GTA V, Stardwvalley, Mario Sunshine, SuperSmashBrosMelee, Pokemon and WalkingDead, Last of us, Life is strange, Pokemon(pla*** most of them) and skyrim there is more but don't feel like

Favorite Music

i like almost all kind of music Most nightcore and Fall Out Boy <3

Favorite Movies

ALL scary, paranormal, mind***ing ones and fantasy and disney exept for frozen (I DO NOT LIKE IT)... don't judge.... not so much of a drama/romance type.

Fav. Tv Shows

a lot of anime. Sherlock, That's 70's show, Family guy, Scrubs, Big Bang theory, Two and a half men, Adventure Time and i can keep on going for a while so i stop at that x3

Favorite Books

All Divergents and The books of the beginning and almost all Stephen King books, and manga's but do they count? well whatever im not a huge fan.

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