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A little bit about me. Umm....I'm very opinionated, especially when it comes to human rights, animal rights, racism and politics. I'm also a long time vegetarian and Buddhist. I love folklore, urban legends, mythology and ghost stories. Except whenever I go on a ghost tour I have to cling on to someones arm. I don't want to be touched by a creepy ghost. I know six languages English, Korean, ***anese, Chinese, Dutch and French. I'm not fluent in all of them, but I know enough to hold a conversation. I am an over emotional hopeless romantic that has a strange obsession with horror. I'm looking for a move that will make me terrified, I'm yet to come across it. Except I really dislike American horror, they irritate me. I much prefer foreign films than Western films('m not meaning cowboys, I'm referring to America, England and Australia etc.). See ya

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