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A little bit about me. Umm....I'm very opinionated, especially when it comes to human rights, animal rights, racism and politics. I'm also a long time vegetarian and Buddhist. I love folklore, urban legends, mythology and ghost stories. Except whenever I go on a ghost tour I have to cling on to someones arm. I don't want to be touched by a creepy ghost. I know six languages English, Korean, ***anese, Chinese, Dutch and French. I'm not fluent in all of them, but I know enough to hold a conversation. I am an over emotional hopeless romantic that has a strange obsession with horror. I'm looking for a move that will make me terrified, I'm yet to come across it. Except I really dislike American horror, they irritate me. I much prefer foreign films than Western films('m not meaning cowboys, I'm referring to America, England and Australia etc.). See ya


Asian pop music. Reading. Horror. Folk lore. Urban legends.

Favorite Video Games

F.E.A.R series. Misao. Mad father. Borderlands.

Favorite Music

VIXX, INFINITE, U-KISS, M.I.B, Orange Caramel, DISH//, LEDApple, ARASHI, 2NE1, Perfume, lollipop-f, LEAD. There is too many to count.

Favorite Movies

The man from nowhere, House of flying daggers I also enjoy disney movies, they're really cute.

Fav. Tv Shows

***anese and Korea drama.

Favorite Books

Manga. Southern vampire mysteries. Norwegian wood.

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