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SUP STALKERS?! I really don't know what to put here cause i don't really want stalkers do what they do best ^~^.... My name is Alyssa, call me Ally or Lissa or as someone calls me Lay***......I am an outgoing and open minded :'3 I come from a wonderful and imaginitve place called Neverland (yes I am a friend of PeterPan :'3) ... I love weird and creepy stuff soooo if you could call blood and guts out everywhere creepy then yaa that! I am a huge Potterhead, Olympian and also a disney movie fanatic... my p***ion is reading and writing my own fanfictions :) Once you get to know meh I am fun and awesome gurl and I don't usually decide you as a 'friend' so if i talk and chat an joke with chu consider yourself lucky :P .... I enjoy ***s as well but not *** that much! 0-0 its just creepy ^~^ .... You would also have to mind me as I am an old ladeh :o ... Actually I suffer from amnesia!! so i dont really know what the *** to write next ._. .... PEACE OUT STALKERS ! *** (>^~^)> <(^~

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