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13 / female / Malaysia

I am a beautiful *** in this game, you are nobody to me. Because I do what I wanted to *Flips weave, pops bubblegum and spits on your face*. My intro is : You want to be friends? That's okay, you want to play? I will show you how its pla***.


Vogue Magazine, *** at night , Hot guys , I want EXPENSIVE things in life and much more that you couldn't tell.

Favorite Video Games

RPG Games [I had it all from vgperson] , Scary games , GTA much more like action games....etc

Favorite Music

One Direction, Maroon 5, Little Mix, One Re***, MAGIC! etc.

Favorite Movies

Scary Movie [ All Parts ] , The Shudder , Death Bell, many much more like barbie.

Fav. Tv Shows

Um I don't know either but I know my chanel [ I came from Malaysia now in Singapore ]

Favorite Books

Harry Potter 1-7 , Nightmare Academy [Charlie's Dream] , The fault in our star , Elenor And Park etc.

Favorite Quote

" We does not judge by what gender they are, its their life and you aren't suppose to be hating "

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