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030 / female / a place on earth in a house

i love rock music hard rock is what id perfer maybe alternative and i have kik and skype so if youd like add me Vaneliz48100 for both skype and kik


funny things are funny because they are funny i like colaches and BREAKFAST!!!! is my life!!!! 0.0!!!!!! /).(

Favorite Video Games

indie horror, pixel, zombie, shooting, survival

Favorite Music

BvB, PTV, SwS, Panic! at the disco, Xx, Seether, three days grace, skillet, linkin park, green day, Breaking Benjamin, 30 seconds to mars ^-^

Favorite Movies

***anese scary movies

Fav. Tv Shows

i don't watch Tv .-. but i used to watch paranormal witness on channel 51 every wed

Favorite Books

Blue moon the immortal series Ever

Favorite Quote

i dont think they relize how sleepless nights can affect you, or how overthinking slowly kills you. i dont think they know how it can turn your mind into thoughts you wish werent yours

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