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16 / male / Los Angeles

My name is Javier and i live in garden/south central LA.Im, 16, tall ,and hispanic(im not brown im light skinned). I play guitar and play xbox 360. I currently play guitar in a ska band called Scab Dates with WetBurrito and some other dudes.I also deal crack,jk ;{).Im a nice , chill , and a pretty cool all around guy. If u want to know more pm me. Later ; { )


Hot Girls,music,video games,playing guitar

Favorite Video Games

Modern Warfare 1 & 2,Gears of war 2, Halo 3

Favorite Music

Thrice,Minus the Bear,The Mars Volta,The Smiths,As Blood Runs Black, Bleeding Through,Underoath

Favorite Movies

Pinnaple Express,Step Brothers ,Che, Platoon,Fight Club

Fav. Tv Shows

SuperNatural,The Boondocks

Favorite Books

Where The Wild Things Are

Favorite Quote

What the f**k ya'll lookin' at /Hey meing u want some c-c-c-c-c-crack cocaine

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