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17 / male / south carolina

i'm a nice guy who is faithful 2 his girlfriend and i fight for those of whom i love. I also fight for wut i beleive in. and im also a nice guy though some people think im weird or deranged but im just me and im emo so i love heavy metal i've contimplated suicide a few times but my friends actually talked me out of it luckily cuz if they hadnt then i wouldnt be here today nor would i have met my wonderful girlfriend and im grateful for there help through all my trials. And i hope to one day join the military one day but i have problems with my eyes so that problably wont be possible but i hope i will be able to one day.


music video games and my girlfriend.

Favorite Video Games

call of duty zombies

Favorite Music

slipknot five finger death punch 3 doors down

Favorite Movies

the hunger games, a walk to remeber, and the scary movie series.

Fav. Tv Shows

duck dynasty, south park, and tosh.o

Favorite Books

the hunger games series

Favorite Quote

the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

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