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17 / male / Algeria

Hi my name is Sam I'm an Otaku (basically if you dn't know what an Otaku is, it's ***anese word that means people who either read manga or watch anime.....etc too much). just wanted to say hi and welcome to my profile page make sure to add me and P.M me so we can get to know each other. PEACE!!!!!!


Anime / Manga / Light Novels / Video Games / Music / Making Friends.........etc

Favorite Video Games

Basically either Horror or Shooting games.

Favorite Music

Too Many to write but the music genres that I'm into are Rock / Trap / Drum and B*** / House / Dubstep / Orchestral /J-Pop / J-Rock.

Favorite Movies

I don't actually watch that many movies but when I do I watch horror and comedy and some action movies.

Fav. Tv Shows

Just Anime and MORE ANIME!!!!

Favorite Books

I only read Manga and Light Novels and Web Novels and Visual Novels and sometimes I do read some good FanFictions no Harry Potter and Hunger Games.........[NO COMMENT]

Favorite Quote

“Life is a constant process of dying.”― Arthur Schopenhauer

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