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14 / female / united states

14 girl I might bite you I love meh music :D I hate bullies and I love meeting new friends and I am really random :3 but you already figured that one out and i am in love with doctor who and i love anime. i am addicted to Netflix and youtube. have a problem wth me tell me.


horror movies,swimming, food,and music,anime and talking.

Favorite Video Games

too many to say

Favorite Music

allot of bands :3 like avenged sevenfold and yea

Favorite Movies

every scary movie out there and then it would have to be any movie with adam sandler

Fav. Tv Shows

DOCTOR WHO, family guy and american dad and ROBOT CHICKEN

Favorite Books

meh -.- dont care for books

Favorite Quote

when something bad happens you have 3 options let it destroy you, let it define you, or let it strengthen you

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