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Well, not a girly girl.I'm weird and random.Funny too(for that ya need to know me)I also have a lot of mood swings(pardon that)I Love The Color Blue<3Wolves Are Pretty Interesting To Me.Linkin Park Is My All Time Favorite Band.I like bloody and gory stuff.I behave immaturely just to have fun✌(◕‿-)✌I love hugs⊂(・◡・⊂)Normal rules don't apply to me.I once tried being normal -_-Worst 5 minutes of my life..!!Annnd yes, I'm the one your mum warned you about. I'm slow to trust.Nothing about me is original,I'm the combined effort of all those I've known.I talk to my pet as if it actually understands what I say ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ I tend to get curious to know things.I also become a snail minded at times.I don't consider anyone my friend easily, no matter how cool I am wif cha.When I text someone and they don't reply,I automatically ***ume that they fainted of excitement.OH AND I DON"t ***.Okay that's it ~PEACE OUT~ :X

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