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Hmmmmmm what can i say, ill take the easy way out LOL if you want to know something then just ASK LOL


my computers first and foremost i guess lol, i write poetry and LOVE horror films and games

Favorite Video Games

RPGs are most absolute fav, so the FF series i loved, FF7 will ALWAYS be my favorite, i like alot of retro games too, horror of course is also a fav, who doesnt like getting scared once in a while :P

Favorite Music

hmmm varies ALOT, although i dont really listen to music that much but if i had to pick id say avenged sevenfold, nickelback, saliva and the lacs

Favorite Movies


Fav. Tv Shows

Dont really watch TV

Favorite Books

i rarely read

Favorite Quote

My past has determined your future, My eternal pain will be your unspeakable suffering, Your days are numbered, Do not fear the end, Pray for it and unlike you own mortality, My thirst for vengeance will never die. AND if your going to be 2 faced at least make one of them worth looking at

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