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17 / female / Glendalough, Ireland

I'm 5'7 with medium length redish brown hair. Long dark eyelashes, brown/gold/hazel/green eyes. Medium build. I'm a skate boarder, rollar blader, video gamer, artist, poet, and musician. I'm not afraid o RP, when I get the chance I have fun. I am VERY sarcastic and have a tendency to be a ***. I am covered in scars from both myself and others. I live a dangerous life and couldn't care less what people think of me.


Reading, Writing, RP

Favorite Video Games

Anything with blood and violence

Favorite Music

Asking Alexandria, Blood On The Dance Floor, Mayday Parade, My Chamical Romance, Of Mice And Men, Hollywood Undead, Framing Hanley, Kill Hannah, Nickelback

Favorite Movies

Horror movies only. None of that lovey dovey bullsh!t

Fav. Tv Shows

Whatever interests me at the time

Favorite Books

Can't tell you ;)

Favorite Quote

"Have i gone mad? I'm afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usualy are.”

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