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im the front man of the band ENfected Throne My goal is to help spread positive vibrations all over the mother planet, the third planet from the sun. My journey to unveil this powerful message i have been keeping inside myself for years is finally to strong to hold within my inner self and is bursting out on record for all to hear, my path has been chosen and i am proud of the trail i am going down I want to share my feeling/ideas with all the inhabitants of planet earth. I have made the choice of using my voice and talent to help the listener to uncover the truth and spread my teachings and esoteric knowledge to all who are interested in hearing all i have learned in my life of studies and research on the Truth Movement. I am a voice for the voiceless and a fearless leader to the people who can't find a way and is lost in this media driven corrupt system. While my old music was filled with nothing but trash lyrics, lazy song writing about partying and material possessions, I've spent

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