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Hi. I'm legitkiller45 aka Justin Gillham. I just now signed up for this website and trying to decide whether I should chat or play games. Anyways, I have a Kik Messenger, Skype and Oovoo. My Kik Messenger name is ghostpredator45. My Skype name is live:jwg13579 and my Oovoo name is ghostpredator45. I have a PS4. My PSN name is legitkiller45. If you have a PS4, add me. I also have a Facebook. Add me, JustinWilliamGillham.


Videogames, T.V., Swim, Hangouts, AirSoft, Paintball, Anime.

Favorite Video Games

Outlast, Amnesia, BF4, Killzone: Shadowfall, PS4 videogames.

Favorite Music

Korn, FiveFingerDeathPunch, Staind, LovenDeath, SystemOfADown, Slayer, Slipknot, Beastie Boys, Rob Zombie, Kid Rock, Job For A Cowboy, Pantera, RedHotChiliPeppers, Marliyn Manson, Deftones, StoneSour, Creed, BreakingBenjamin, ThreeDaysGrace, ThreeDoorsDow

Favorite Movies

Action, Adventure, Horror, Action Packed any kind that I like.

Fav. Tv Shows

FamilyGuy, AmericanDad, That70'sShow, RegularShow, AdventureTime, RobotChicken, Boondocks, Squidbiillies.

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