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12 / female / Canterbury, Connecticut

Im a girl, I have an extrmely short attention span. My frinds are my life, and i would bash someones face in if they didnt treat them the way they should. I dont lie, i never will, and i hate people that do! Oh and i dont start trouble, but i deffinetly *will* end it. P.S I'm also not afraid to say whats on my mind ALWAYS which gets my in trouble like a lot.


Reading, Writing, Games, and hanging with friends

Favorite Video Games

Resident Evil(all of em

Favorite Music

Green Day

Favorite Movies

16 Rounds, Land of the Lost, and The Hangover

Fav. Tv Shows

CSI, and The Pacific

Favorite Books

Twilight Saga

Favorite Quote

Oh were you talking to me? I just seen you moving your lips, like a ***! or

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