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17 / female / Your mum m8

Hii im Vanity ^.^ im 17 and taken by the best guy in the world Brian Indhal ( aka ) NeroFTW <3 I love him!!!! hehe well if you wanna talk to me just message or pm meh also MADDY AKA FINEBRO14 IS MINE SHE IS MY BESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTEST FRIEND ERMAHGERDDDDDDD!!!!



Favorite Video Games

Alice Madness Returns,The Evil Within,Sims 4,Minecraft,Amnesia,Alien Isolation, etc...

Favorite Music

Falling in Reverse,Sleeping with Sirens,Suicide Silence,5sos, nightcore (not really a band)

Favorite Movies

Gone Girl,Alice in Wonderland,Edward Scissorhands,Nightmare on Elm street

Fav. Tv Shows

Soul Eater,Black Butler,OHSHC,Free,Princess Jellyfish,Sekirei,Heaven's Lost Property,Rosario+Vampire, etc..

Favorite Books

Don't read them c:

Favorite Quote

ummm.... well .. hmm I don't have one sowwy :3

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