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18 / female / In my insanity

I am a vampire. im 18 years old to you humans but am 1,829 in vampire years. I am the queen of all vampires. I have a king that i love to death so dont you ***ing dare!! I do drink blood. I live in the human world, I was put here by my family when i was only a baby because other Vampires wanted to kill me for my powers. So ive learned to live with your kind and i look like one of you to. I have blood red eyes but when i go out in *** they are an emerald green. Well thats it for now. Bye my loyal subjects.


Manga, Anime, Horror

Favorite Video Games

Anything that makes my skin crawl, or makes me jump 10 feet in the air.

Favorite Music

anything Rock, or Country

Favorite Movies

Horror, or Anime

Fav. Tv Shows

Again anything Horror

Favorite Books


Favorite Quote

I don't suffer from insanity i thrive on it.

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