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14 / male / Your worst nightmare

Hey guys, below are...stuff about thing that sticks to all...I HATE SPORTS AND EVERYTHING RELATED....except yea...i have a VERY dirty mind and i am bi-curious so....yea...have fun ALSO, If I am not here I am on chatango under the name tyrannidworror


hm.....rp, games, making things, bringing the dead back etc.

Favorite Video Games

any and all EXCEPT racing and sports games....hate em

Favorite Music

celldweller, deadmau5, gorillaz, A7X, many...

Favorite Movies

Dead alive, Shawn/Dawn/Night/Day, Pacific rim, Saving Private Ryan, etc)

Fav. Tv Shows

Invader Zim, all on adult swim, most except lots of reality tv and sports....i do like funny reality TV

Favorite Books

The Rising/City of the Dead, The Dan Chambaux series....(IE. Death warmed over, Unatural acts, Hair raising, Stakeout at vampire circus etc.)

Favorite Quote

its time to kick *** and chew bubble gum...and im all out of gum

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