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16 / male / johnson county, kentucky

my name is austin mullins im 16 go to johnson central high school,i study martial arts, love girls, love to hang out and chill,im in the National Guard,love to lift weights,ride dirtbikes,4 wheelers,and play sports im a all-around type person and fear-less well guss dats it fo now wanna kno more juss send a friends request and a pm messege dat means u 2 girls and ur digits lol


girls,sports,friends,4 wheelers, and church,martial arts

Favorite Video Games

bioshock 2, call of duty, left 4 dead

Favorite Music

eminem,50 cent,taylor swift

Favorite Movies

blood and bone,

Fav. Tv Shows

family guy,south park

Favorite Books

the bible

Favorite Quote

i am the punishment of god, and if u have not created great sins he would not have sent a punishment like me upon u

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