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Serial Killer Aficionado —— Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/hannibabelecter —— Tumblr - hannibabe-lecter / jojos-bizarre-adventures —— I'm just your fairly average 15 year old high school girl who's very absorbed in murder, serial killers, ghosts, and pastels. —— I'm a cosplayer and I attend mostly Orlando cons and a couple Tampa. —— I'm currently learning Mandarin Chinese as my third language, English being my native, and being completely fluent in Hebrew! —— #TYBG —— Nicki Minaj and Eminem are my king and queen- KanYe and Kendrick Lamar being my saviours- ***ya —— I like pop-rap, rap, and pop! I don't like country at all tho :/// tho I usually enjoy other genres —— The only movies I watch are horror and some comedy here and there, my main TV shows being criminal justice —— hannibalhannibalhannibalhannibal

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