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17 / male / Philippines

am just a dude who like games,not much talking a bad language,and reads creepy stories that didn't exist,am a filipino who is strong and powahful mwahahahaha,soryy that was just a joke,i know pewdiepie and im a bit boring and sorry when i didn't tell you that its long,soooo...take care of that and talk to me when you hear the beep :D,BEEEEP!!!!!!


winning,finishing stuff,pastries,video games,movies,watching pewdiepie,and happy and cool peeps

Favorite Video Games

minecraft,GTA 5,slender,dead island,dead island riptide,team fortress 2,left 4 dead 1 and 2,and dead space

Favorite Music

aerosmith,ylvis,redfoo,the beatles,midnight riders

Favorite Movies

slender,pagpag,chernobyl diaries,iron man(all parts),and paranormal activity

Fav. Tv Shows

the walking dead,regular show,WWE,the neighbors,and national geographic channel(not so much)

Favorite Books

encyclopedia,novels,and creepypasta

Favorite Quote

everybody fell down,everybody is dead,one day is over,one day is done,but we will get revenge who let us down :P

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