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My name is Hannah. ✯ Theatre and music ✯ Harley Quinn ✯ Pokemon Master ✯ Animal Crossing makes me happy ✯ Sloths are the raddest creatures ✯ I believe in Sherlock Holmes ✯ Winchester Cult ✯ KoRn, Sublime, Deftones, AiC, Tool, Bowie ✯ Misha Collins is my spirit animal ✯ If you play M*** Effect, we are now friends ✯ Cried during Twisty the Clown's backstory ✯ Murphy Pendleton is my video game crush ✯ Would you kindly? ✯ Killing walkers and surviving against all odds ✯ Shipping Johnlock as we speak ✯ Creepypasta is yes ✯ Taken by a Phillip ✯ I strongly believe it should be acceptable for a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf to all live under the same roof ✯ Benedict ***berbatch, Martin Freeman, Aidan Turner, Jim Morrison, Jon Davis, David Tennant, & Morrisey

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