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I am an United States Marine, I hope to serve for 30 years, I am a LanceCorporal, my MOS is Rifleman. I am thinking about moving into SEALS one day. After I am done with the Military, I will probably move into Contracting, which you probably now as Blackwater, today named as Academi. Not honorable work, but fun as ***. I have shot several weapons, and own a shit ton. I was born in Landstuhl Germany. I was raised in Germany, Turkey, and Wyoming. I always lived on the Country side. So, Redneck was built into me. My Father was United States Air Force. My Mother was a Doctor in Anatomy, for the Brain. My brother went into Game Design. In all reality, the rest of my family went into some cool shit, while I stuck to Military. I have a few kills under my belt, I won't say the number unless you come asking me. I learned several languages on my travels. I love sports. I love fighting. And I love war. I went into the United States Marine Corps right out of High school, so I joined when I was 18

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