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19 / female / California

I'm really interested in the human anatomy, and how humans' brains work. I love wolves, Creepypastas, and cats. Horror is my thing, and I'm not afraid of anything. I'm called crazy, but I don't believe I am. I love anime and the color blood red, and I've gotten into legal trouble but I haven't gone to Juvy/ Prison. Ever. I guess I'm just really good at acting innocent! ^w^ I am a" cute girl" after all!


Knives, Swords, Combat, The human body, Mental abilities

Favorite Video Games

Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Mario Games, Black Ops I & II, GTA 2-5, Saints Row

Favorite Music

One E*** Doll, BVB, A Perfect Circle, Hollywood Undead, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, 3 Days Grace, Skillet

Favorite Movies

SAW series, Silence of the lambs, texas chainsaw m***acre, Frozen, Alice In Wonderland, Donnie Darko

Fav. Tv Shows

1000 ways to die, untold stories of the E.R, the walking dead, anime

Favorite Books

Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Alice in Wonderland, The Hunger Games

Favorite Quote

"Everybody is a little mad on the inside."

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