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17 / male / Denmark

If you want to know. Just chat with me and ask


video Games, animating, and much more

Favorite Video Games

Horror games, Fps Games, and pretty much alle games .-.

Favorite Music

Beartooth, a day to remember, iron maiden, the story so far, black sabbath, red hot chillie peppers, slipknot, metallica, skillet, bring me the horizon, offspring, and many many more .-.

Favorite Movies

Horror , Anime, Action, Cute

Fav. Tv Shows

supernatural, rick and morty, south park, family guy, Anime

Favorite Books

Dont really read that much

Favorite Quote

Do what you love! - colin wyckoff r.i.p 1995-2015 Rest in piece buddyWhen death arrives upon your doorstep, you should greet him as an old friend, for he was there since your beginning, he has watched as you lived your life, as you grew old, and he shall ferry you home.

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