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14 / female / Antiguan (carribean) and spanish ;p im in new york

My name is Chaunice....the Ch makes the sound Sh and nice in my name is pronounced niece lol niecy is my main nickname .(so now yu guys kno...stop f***in asking me...its kinda getting annoying plus it was none of yur biz in the first place).... im very nice,kind,and a very athletic and energetic.....i love blasting music on my really negative (lol) funny,trustworthy,brave,artistic,and out going........ WARNING:not afraid to fight or curse the s**t out of people.I would say what's on my mind so I won't hold back to tell you the truth straight up. I'm really honest and I can't stand bullshit or drama.

Interests' comedy.....fighting lol ;p i have the biggest crush on someone on here

Favorite Video Games

All (they cant be corny or wack -_- i wont play it)

Favorite Music

i love music ...dont have a fav band but i like rap,techno,hip-pop, basically everything besides country,heavy metal (sometimes),jazz,cl***ical

Favorite Movies

lol anything funny or scary....(i <3 horror....nothin scares me ;p)

Favorite Books


Favorite Quote

its better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what your not.....meaning dont act FAKE

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