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15 / female / yeah right........>:D

im very crazy and fun to talk to!im a game freak! highschool is boring so....yeah i dont really know what to say lol! ======================================== ZOMBIE RULES >:D ======================================== 1)you need cardio or the zombie will outrun you and you will die 2)always shoot a zombie twice or more 3)some zombies are faster then others*tip* 4)always make sure your gun is reloaded 5)when you drive always look in the back seat to see if a zombies there :O 6)stay safe when your in bathrooms(i hope you know that) 7)enjoy the little things 8)you can be a hero or not 9)face your fears 10)prepare before they rise ======================================== theres way more rules but i dont feel like typing them up here (theres alot like 90 m


i have alot of interests but zombies are #1 XD

Favorite Video Games

all games that deal with zombies(if there not stupid)oh,and silent hill 1234

Favorite Music

metal(screaming :O)

Favorite Movies

every movie(if its not corny -_-)

Fav. Tv Shows

supernatural,vampire daries,and smallville

Favorite Books

zombie survival guide

Favorite Quote

"prepare before they rise"

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