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14 / female

Well i'm a girl... Wait ok since you people want info out of me here you go ENJOY... if you can... I am pretty heehee! I am incredibly random. My name is Ashley. I would tell you my last name but i don't know what creppy weirdos you have a game shed. I like peanut ***er!!! Well actually i HATE peanut ***er its just a thing i say just to make people laugh. In cl*** im like the most girly, prissy, insanly cute girl I don't really think anyone hates me but you know. DON"T BE JEALOUS!!!!!


chatting and hangin out online!

Favorite Video Games

WEll idk but i guess i could say New Super Mario Bros.

Favorite Music

I like Green Day, Plain White T

Favorite Movies

Twilight and New Moon

Fav. Tv Shows

!6 and pregant, ex effect, parental control, NEXT, Family Guy, and the nanny... lol!

Favorite Books

lol this is a stupid question! who likes books?! But if i have to i would say Twilight.

Favorite Quote

"if u hav a tru luv u shood b wit them always" =-)

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