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13 / male / Petaluma,CA

Im 13 years old i live in petaluma.i play soccer,a skateboard,and football.im a male well u already know that im a male.i like solving scary games its fun because when you use the walkthrough its not that fun.sometimes i use it when i dont really know what to do.im kind of a hang chill out kind of guy.i hang out with my friends a lot most of the time.


scary games,soccer,football,girls!

Favorite Video Games

shooting, racing,action

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Favorite Movies

2012,michael jackson one

Fav. Tv Shows

south park,family guy,robot chicken,george lopez

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i hate the stealers and raiders.the 49ers rock!Ask me any question about a game on pm or anything else and i will send u back a pm. maybe ok.I COULD GET PEOPLE BADGES IF THEY WANT TO GIVE ME THEIR P***WORD DONT WORRY I WONT DO ANYTHING TO YOUR ACCOUNT OR ANYTHING ELSE JUST THE BADGES AND LEVEL UP TO UNLOCK AVATARS. SO SEND ME A PM AND GIVE ME YOUR P***WORD IF U WANT TO.PEACE.

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