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16 / female

ima vampire peeps...yeaaah!!! p.s:MY FAVE COLORS ARE RED AND BLACK>>>!!!♥♥♥ I ♥TAYLOR LAUTNER!!! GO TEAM EDWARD!!!! I ♥ JAVIER HERNANDEZ!!!!!


swimming, reading, shopping,taylor lautner,3min3m

Favorite Video Games

grand theft auto/racing

Favorite Music

michael jackson:) and young money and 3min3m plus:Twist3d sist3r!!!

Favorite Movies

knocked up, twilight saga,scary with humor...

Fav. Tv Shows

kendra, kourtney and khloe take miami and keeping up with the kardashians and novelas plus:growing up twisted

Favorite Books

twilight saga...:P

Favorite Quote

ily...lol :):P i lov3 taylor lautn3r!!!♥ I ♥tW!$t3d $!$t3R!!!! go!!! I ♥ EL CHICHARITO!!!!!!!! GO #14 (Mexico)

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