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i love video games, i have blond hair,brown eyes, and I'm very hyper most of the time life is hard for me right now trying to live with a happy attitude and I'm trying to be better when im around people, and I'm going to be a cryptozoologist when i get older and I will maybe sell shirt's. why cause i want to prove that things exist and scientist are wrong you can believe even if you can't see it and when I sell me shirt's im gonna go simple, like names , band logos, and other simple things, Then I will go expert. you get the point any way if you need help with a game i can help you I'm really good with escape games and scary ones so just ask for help if you need it bye :3


video games, reading, writing, swimming, running, and sneaking around

Favorite Video Games

spyro,resident evil,left 4 dead 1 & 2,harvest moon,the legend of zelda, silenthill, okami, and cursed mountain

Favorite Music

paramore,panic at the disco,flyleaf,ddr,juna, breaking bengamin, nevershoutnever, skylit drive, and blavk veil brides

Favorite Movies

shaun of the dead, pans lybrath, silent hill, resident evils, devil

Fav. Tv Shows

chowder,flapjack,familyguy,tdi,tdwt, family guy, adventure time

Favorite Books

A series of unfortunate events,resident evil,white fang,call of the wild,my side of the mountain,the year of the boar,the underneath,the black snake of hatred,dawn of the dreadful,price and pregitas and zombies, the old willows place, diffrent, zombie take over, a slave to love

Favorite Quote

the worst foe lies withen the self

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