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14 / female / southampton England

if you need help or need to ask a question Just ask me and i will help you :) xx =] I like the color Pink, Blue, Red :) I have 8 pets as i said i love WestLife =] I go to a school called Cantell. I am in year 9. My real name is Jessica Holley add me as a freind if you need a freind =] I live in England^-^ I live in Southampton, England that is the south of England There is a t.v show's i like is Spongebob, and EastEnders =] I like south park I am not a big fan of scary things i came to this wedsite to make new friend's Don't be mad or mean at me Just Becaues i don't like scary stuff ^-^ My birthday is on the 6th of October i was born in 1995 ^-^ 5ft 6inc Brown hair Blue eyes 2 bors no sis Im English i like art p.e and catring ( that means cooking) Have 5 or 6 fri


Shy girl but fun

Favorite Video Games

The sim's Ds game high School Musicl

Favorite Music

WestLife i have a dream And same more song's from WestLife

Favorite Movies

The Simpsons move

Fav. Tv Shows

EastEnders wwe raw

Favorite Books

I have a WestLife book

Favorite Quote

I love weastlife and Dogs I like wwe =] Don't be mean i like High School Musicl ^-^

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