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16 / male / USA

It's a long story ^_^ but you can add me on PS3.


rapping, finger tutting, skateboarding, talking to females, guitar, piano, magic tricks, and gaming

Favorite Video Games

Call of duty black ops two, bioshock infinite, call of duty modern warfare 3, grand theft auto 5, far cry 3, guitar hero, and rock band

Favorite Music

i have alot so my favorite genres are: rap, rock, metal, dubstep, soft rock, little bit of screamo, pop, oldies, and r&b. im adventurous so i am looking to hear new artists

Favorite Movies

i have alot but my favorite genre is comedy

Fav. Tv Shows

Key and Peele, Brickleberry, family guy, south park, american dad, superjail, and robot chicken

Favorite Books

diary of a wimpy kid and my own creepypasta. does cat in the hat count or bed time stories :P

Favorite Quote

"We have nothing to fear than fear itself" -JFK (my favorite of all the presidents)

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