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13 / female / Around the world.

I like pickles. I like drawing. I like gaming. (: Talking chatting are fun, too. I live a normal life with my normal friends and family. I have a FB, DA and a Maple Story account. I occasionally play Wolf Team, and I love helping people. I'm weird from the world, and the world is different to me. They're are many things I wish I could have, but they're IS a reason why I don't have it. I'm just an average looking person that gets along with the world. I'm not sure the world gets along with me, though . . . But anyway, this is a gaming site, not a(n) all-about-me forum. -Thanks for visiting my page . . . (: - The things you know are the most non-important, the things I know are the things to backup that non-important knowledge. -Me c: - Love is a word that we cant manage until we acknow


Anime Action games & Mystery! Friends Too.

Favorite Video Games

Mystery,Action,Adventure,Ghost,Escape,Call of duty,True crime new york,Need for speed underground 2,little big planet,Everything!

Favorite Music

GreenDay <3

Favorite Movies

Paranormal activity, The crazies, Baby blues,

Fav. Tv Shows

Ghost Hunters

Favorite Quote

"I like pickles." (:

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