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13 / female / Everywhere

I suppose im kind of a 'fangirl'


Youtube, Video games, PewDiePie, DanIsNotOnFire, FanGirling and Tumblr

Favorite Video Games

Slender, Amnesia, The last of us, beyond - two souls, the walking dead, happy wheels.....basically anything scary

Favorite Music

Imagine Dragons, N-Dubz, John Newman, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding and Eminem

Favorite Movies

Insidious, The Genorbal Diaries, Sinister, The Hills Have Eyes, Harry Potter, Divergent, Hunger Games and Paranormal Activity

Fav. Tv Shows

The walking Dead, WWE, Believe, In The Flesh, Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who but most importantly SHERLOCK.

Favorite Books

Hunger Games, Divergent,Insurgent, Alleigant, Harry Potter, Alex Rider, and The Power of 5

Favorite Quote

"Don't talk out loud you lower the IQ of the whole street" "Honey you should see me in a crown" "I don't have friends i've just got one"

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