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This “About Me” Is Goinq To Be Random:I Play Sports


Food, Cooking, Music!, Singing, Movies, Old Cartoons, Basketball, Drawing, Playing games of course, Reading, Pugs, Whistling, Long romantic walks to the fridge etc.

Favorite Video Games

All COD Games, Resident Evil Games, All Dead Space Games, BattleField 1-4, DMC Devil May Cry, Hitman: Absolution, Tekken 5, M*** Effect 3, NBA 2K13, The Evil Within and more.

Favorite Music

Fall Out Boy, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, One Re***, Maroon 5 and so much more.

Favorite Movies

Titanic, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, The Evil Dead, The Matrix, Toy Story, Star Wars, Superman, Home Alone, Jur***ic Park, Kill Bill, The Ring, Silent Hill, Scream, Scary Movie, Star Trek, Jeepers Creepers, Saw, The Sixth Sense, Childs Play, Alien 1-4

Fav. Tv Shows

South Park, Family guy, Futurama, The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, American Dad, Dragon Ball, Popeye, Rugrats, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johny Bravo, TMNT, Rocko's Modern Life, Dexter's Laboratory,The Untalkative Bunny, Doug and a WHOLE lot more.

Favorite Books

The Great Gatsby, The Hunger Games, The Diary of a Young Girl, The Book Thief - these are the only books i've read so far. But i do read CreepyPastas and they never fail to entertain me.

Favorite Quote

"Most people don't care about other points of view unless it coincides with their own. Nature of man I ***ume."

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