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well first of all my real name is Brandon Mihalek and my favorite color is black.i love black things and i love being in dark things.its like i love the dark side of the shield that lays in the sky by the sun and the moon.that was dramatic huh?=~.well enough with the dark side of the shield single but who cares. i have a facebook caled brandon mihalek kk. also my friend paul got together with claire so im ***ed so there goes that. well i guess it doesnt matter scince i got a plan B. there cousin said they like me and i used to have a crush on her. i guess i can go to her!hahahahahahah


well i love being on the computer alot(every day) :).i also like playing with my freinds all the time.i play football every day and im saftey on defence and im wide reciver in offence.i play football at school.also i love hangin out with my friends

Favorite Video Games

well i love playing stick arena on but if were talking about the ones on *** then i would have to say that i just play to have fun and to get points!

Favorite Music

EMINEM!!!!!!!!!!! definetly.i love all of his songs but my favorite 14 are...Lose Yourself/8 Mile Road/Cleaning Out My Closet/Defence/Guess Who

Favorite Movies

well i really dont know becuase i dont watch alot of movies because i dont have time but all the times i have watched movies i would have to say amd disney movies that are not girly.and now that i think of it i think any movies that dont have girly krap

Fav. Tv Shows

the one that i love so much is todal drama world tour.well i guess i love all of the seasons...TDI TDA and TDWT.i really like all the other shows too.aspecialty the ones on cartoonnetwork!

Favorite Books

well i hate reading so i have none sorry =I

Favorite Quote

well some people might call me a computer freak but the truth is i you know from INTERESTS.but not that much.i do go on the computer a lot but who cares. the one i do play a lot is stick arena!!!

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