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17 / male / somewhere in california... destroying justin bieber.

why do you want to know about me?... (stalkers). all you need to know is that i hate justin bieber! Lol, his got his *** kicked by a bottle on stage.


Gaming, *** music, Everything Horror, and some other stuff that I cant remember T-T

Favorite Video Games

resident evil, silent hill, fatal frame, SAW, and other *** stuff that make the weak *** their pants.

Favorite Music

anything but country, rap, and anything else that doesnt require a guitar and b***.

Favorite Movies

The SAW series

Fav. Tv Shows

Jack***, tosh.0 and anything anime (especially High School oO The Dead)

Favorite Books

what the *** is a book?

Favorite Quote

Is it possible to have two? anyway, my two are "Who should live vs. who will live, are two entirely separate things" JIGSAW and "I used to be an adventurer like you once, but i was shot in the knee with an arrow." random *** gaurds in skyrim

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