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16 / female / Under your bed

Blonde hair, Blue eyes....I don't like it when people mess with my friends ._. I'll kill you and torture your soul for the rest of eternity while you burn in the flames of *** of you try >.> So don't. .........Never randomly bring up ***s in conversation.............ever.


Reading, writing, talking to beautiful people ♥, Laughing,.......and *** your mother >_>

Favorite Video Games

Halo is the best. Especially when pla*** with a friend ^.^

Favorite Music

Drake, Hu, Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5, John Legend, Katy Perry, P***enger, Red, Sick Puppies, and Melanie Fiona.

Favorite Movies

Step Bros, Phantom Of the Opera, The dictator, Safe haven, The prestige, (Wanderlust, and any comedy or romantic drama and occasionally action......... and also anything scary.

Fav. Tv Shows


Favorite Books

Bleeding Hearts

Favorite Quote

"Life is constantly changing. Things come and go. But the one thing I know will never go is the friend have in myself."

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