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all i do is work, bmx, and text.. a lot... and occasionally sleep. oh, and I'm online here too, afk for the most of it though. TCU OR DIE........


BMXing, doin nuthin, food is also pretty good, music also is good, and mai gf<3 :P

Favorite Video Games

Dark souls... I forgot the rest

Favorite Music

Violent SOHO, Bad suns, Those Mockingbirds, Southern, Eliza and the bear, Ages and Ages, Red Kite, One OK Rock, Cold War Kids, Blue Oyster Cult, Battleships, Sticky Fingers, Wolfmother, HAP, Velociraptor, Funeral Suits, Coastal cities, Driffs, Rockets aaa

Favorite Movies

Marvel / DC related, inception, lord of the rings, Hp, and there's more but i cant remember them

Fav. Tv Shows

Archer, Conan O'brien's late night show, American dad, and some other ones i forgot

Favorite Books

The Dictionary and Thesaurus, always better to know.

Favorite Quote

"That's absolutely treacherous... Yes, magnificently so." "Praise The Sun!"

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