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Hiya! I'm Harlie and I'm a pretty boring person. As in all i do is eat, sleep and be on the internet. Haha. But i do other things like play video games, read books, listen to music, and watch movies. I do have a hobbie, I write. I write fanfictions and yes you can laugh it's okay. If you're curious message me and i'll give ya the info ;) Be warned i'm not the best and I don't write all the time. Only when i get that spark. Anywho I'm not on this site 24/7 but I will come on from time to time to check things out. So if you message me or friend me I'll get to it eventually. Want to know anything just ask I'm pretty much an open book. Hope you have a wonderful day!


Writing, Reading, Movies And Games.

Favorite Video Games

Silent Hill Series, Resident Evil Series, Doom Series, Duke Nukem, Jet Set Radio, ECT

Favorite Music

Metallica, FFDP, Halsey, In This Moment, Angus and Julia Stone, Tech N9ne, ECT

Favorite Movies

LOTR Series, Hobbit Series, Shining, Avengers, XMEN, Due Date. ECT

Fav. Tv Shows

Sherlock, House M.D., Deadwood, Breaking Bad, Parks and Rec ECT

Favorite Books

The Shining, Interview With A Vampire, The Books Of Blood, ECT

Favorite Quote

"Alone Is What I Have Alone Protects Me" -Sherlock Holmes

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