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My b-day is dec.31 ^.^ MY FAVORITES SONG OF ALL IS BY TAYLOR SWIFT IT'S CALLED "you belong with me" i love it i'm obessed with it make fun of me idk it's my fav fav fav song of alll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i heart it more then anything it's so true if you what to hear it hears the website: and my favorite color is PURPLE i perfer dark purple^.^ and i'm not a cheerleader i neaver wished to be i was only one when i was littel #.# i'm love Basketball it my heart i'm on a team for my school, I LOVE ALL OF LADY GAGA'S MUSIC SHE ROCKS my fav face 2.lovegame 3. Beautiful,Dirty,Rich 4.Paparazzi 5.Just dance 6. Bad Romance 7. You Belong with me 8. Low 9. she wolf 10. Obsessed 11. Lollipop and 12.down 13. Your a


My fav color is purple (dark) i love halo3, i like anime Basketball is my fav sport my dream job is a fashion desioner if they have that in Michigan idk ummm _._ ->- -.- !.! @.@ #.# $.$ %.% ^.^ &.& *.* (.( ).)

Favorite Video Games

ummm idk,

Favorite Music

Taylor swift

Favorite Movies

i just answered that about fav shows same thing..

Favorite Books


Favorite Quote

"if your life ***'s i have the key to it" ^.^

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