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I'm just another girl that loves gore and horror and anime. I'm ***ual and single so yeah. I'm protective of those i care about and i will defend or stand up for anyone that needs it. I won't put up with drama or any b.s like that so don't even try that with me, ok? ALso I will give you the utmost respect but i need you to give me that respect in return, deal? But don't let that intimidate you because i love all kinds of people and if you need some advice or just someone to listen to you or to talk to you just send me a message!


Partying, my anime club, gaming, chatting, meeting new people, watching my favorite YouTube gamers, cooking, dancing, shopping and *** speaking.

Favorite Video Games

bioshock, metal gear,Little big planet 2, dead island, Resident evil, Persona 4, Corpse Party, Slenderman, The hat man, and Sonic all stars.

Favorite Music

BVB, BOTDF , BMTH, My chemical romance, panic at the disco, Mi-chan, Hatsune miku, Vocloids, Y Daddy Yankee, Macano, Pewdiepie xD, Eminem, Lil Boosie, Skrillex, DeadMau5, . (russian music, J-pop, k-pop, swedish music, metal, folk-metal, rock, swedish musi

Favorite Movies

The grudge, Ju-On, V/H/S 1 & 2, Saw 1-6, Halloween, Paprika, spirited away, my neighbor Totoro, Silent hill Revelation, and astro boy.

Fav. Tv Shows

Happy tree friends, red band society, cutthroat kitchen, Hunter x Hunter, My little monster, kotsuki-san, higurashi no naku koro ni, Bojack horseman, archer, american horror story, Naruto, bleach, (all anime pretty much) the devil is a part-timer, sons of anarchy, true blood, and teen titans. (not go!!!!)

Favorite Books

Hero, Tithe, valient, 50 shades of grey, The peculiar children, unwind, and the otakuUsa magazine.

Favorite Quote

"barrels!!! I ***ing knew it!!!" -pewdiepie "pain is in the mind" "first they ignore you... then they laugh at you.. then you win" -Gandhi "one smiles can hold one thousand tears"

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