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When I fell in love my heart was on fire To be with you was my one desire And if you love me I’ll give you everything you need A lifetime of promises and a world full of dreams For only my heart knows what it means And I promise you it won’t be wrong One love, two hearts we will make it strong, But now my love is lost in your sweet kiss Honey when I’m alone you’re the one I miss And your sweet, tender love it hard to resist Darling it's true my heart has fallen in love with you Looking upon the stars tonight wishing with all my might Hoping someday you will realize this p***ion I hold inside Honey it doesn’t cost a dime. And if you give in your love could be mine I feel truly blessed for this feeling the Lord has given me Accompany by faith and much understanding And I know this gift will guide me for all eternity As my heart fly by with angel wings And the clouds form into wedding rings A woman in love the angels sing On and on a soft melody That’s how it feels t

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