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Theres Nothing Much To Tell....I Live In A Small Town,Hate Traveling,Can Be A Pain In The *** Most Of The Time,Nothing Much More To Say.....Oh And Wolves Are The PWNAGE! H.O.W.L. Also...Why Do All The Avatars ***? O_o


Video games,Computer,the supernatural,wolves,and chewing stuff o.o

Favorite Video Games

MW2,L4D2,L4D,Shadow of the Colossus,MoH Airbourne,and just about every other FPS

Favorite Music

too much to name,i like Metal,Screamo,cl***ic rock,and rock

Favorite Movies

Irobot,High Tension,the Eye,Scary movie 1-4,and many more

Fav. Tv Shows

Family guy,the simpsons,AFV,spongebob FTW,Ghost adventures,the haunted,and alot of stuff on the History channel

Favorite Books

what are those? lol jk i read alot of fiction

Favorite Quote

"Its All Fun And Games Untill Someone Gets HUrt....Then Its Hilarious!!" "You Dropped Your Pocket...." "Come Here Often?.....You Do? *** SHES A COP! RUN FOR IT!"

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