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15 / female / London

Hi, I'm Emma. Im 15 and I live in London, England. I love to draw anime and I love to listen to music. My best friends are Dayton and Izaiah and I will love them forever. My favourite game so far here is The Insanity. Scene kids forev's. About Messages: I get about 3 messages every day, and I just want to say, I reply to almost every message, I do NOT reply to any spam/ chain letters (unless its something cute without the death stuff), any inappropriate messages, or any hate mail. I don't know why I've gotten this stuff because all I do is play games, but I have. I'm not even a high rank on this site. I will reply to every other message. I also accept EVERY friend request :].


I like video games, computer, tv, drawing, writing, and most importantly listening to music

Favorite Video Games

the Final Fantasy series.

Favorite Music

Dot Dot Curve, Brokencyde

Favorite Movies

From Within and Scary Movie 1-4

Fav. Tv Shows

A Haunting, Parental Control

Favorite Books

Anything by Joan Lowery Nixon

Favorite Quote

Friends are like potatoes, if you eat them they die. -- Guns dont kill people, guys with mustaches do. -- I didn't say I was powerful, I said I was a wizard.

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