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17 / female / The depths of the Werewolf empire....

Haven't I told you enough?!?! Ummm...... Rp''s?


Video games, karate, wolves, pandas, books, social media, omegle

Favorite Video Games

Battlefield 3, minecraft, portal 2, call of duty (every single one, I have them all), all the halo games, and many others! It would take too long to say them all!!

Favorite Music

Queen, ELO, fall out boy, mika

Favorite Movies

Pacific rim, bad grandpa, free willy(the original one), Flash Gordon

Fav. Tv Shows

South Park, Russel Howard, some girls, doctor who, Sherlock

Favorite Books

The fearless series, adult ones

Favorite Quote

"Books are the greatest weapon to mankind"

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