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13 / female / Somewhere in this messed up world

I love sports and the outdoors. I'm basically the average teenage girl....sorta.. XD Message me sometime(:


The general interests a girl should have at my age, I think... XD

Favorite Video Games

Blood and gore has to be involved!!! :D

Favorite Music

My music usually consists of screamo or country. (Yes, I know the mix is odd.)

Favorite Movies

Mostly horror movies filled with blood and gore. xD

Fav. Tv Shows

Some anime like Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist and other things.

Favorite Books

I like the crime/forensic mystery books and some mythological and realistic fiction.

Favorite Quote

Girls fall in love with what they hear, Boys fallin love with what they see, So, that's why girls wear make-up, And boys lie" -WizKhalifa; If a girl still loves you, even after you've broken her heart, she's the one.

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