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14 / female / united kingdom

i am a tomboy i like to play scary zombie games any scary game i go on i am not scared i like to watch tv and go on habbo and i like super heros i read comic books and my fave super hero is Wovlerine i know everything about him. and i like the ledgend of zelda. My fave person from Resident Evil is Leon Scott Kennedy and i cant wait till resident evil after life comes out i like naruto and i love vampire knight and i think zero is hega hot ppl add me if u think the same even though my intrests are vampires dont think im a twlight fan ok


i love ***an and i play video games Vampires

Favorite Video Games

Silent Hill Shatterd Memories metal gear soild 2 metal gear soild 3 snake eater and other scary games

Favorite Music

any type. new music and old

Favorite Movies

Has all of the FRIDAY 13TH FILMS

Fav. Tv Shows

super hero cartoons and naruto vampire knight

Favorite Books

dective and zombie and comic books

Favorite Quote


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